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All About me

Organizing has always been my life.  That might sound strange to you.  You may love biking and hiking, I love organizing.  You may while away many hours fishing and skiing, l can spend days happily creating systems, turning overwhelmed spaces into peaceful ones and making order out of chaos. When I was young, I lined up my shoes and put away my sister’s things.  She would hide stuff under her bed, and I would pull it out and put it away.  No one could stop me.  I sorted and organized every space in our house.  This is where it all began.  My childhood home was a bit chaotic and in order for me to have peace, I organized, sorted, cleaned, and created sanity.  This gave me the peace of mind to enjoy my life in spite of the stuff all around me, and it can absolutely do the same for you.  


When it came time to figure out a major in college, I chose education.  I knew I liked working with kids, and I knew that my planning and organizational skills would help me make learning manageable and coherent for children.  For twelve years, I was an elementary teacher in Miami, Florida and in Denver, Colorado.  I met my husband and we later moved to the northeast where we started our family.   Staying home with our children was an important decision for me, although not easy. During these fourteen years as a stay at home mom, I honed my home-management skills and created and practiced many systems to keep our busy lives on track.  In addition to raising two girls, I continued to read and soak up everything I could about parenting, design, house management and organizing.  Remodeling two homes has also given me great  experience in time management and understanding design elements of a home.  I began helping friends and family, and they became my first unofficial clients as well as my best teachers.  Through all of this, I discovered my number one talent and passion, and I am here to share all that I have learned with you.

Beginning is tough!  You may feel overwhelmed and not know where to start.  Or you may know exactly what you need to do but lack the skills to begin.  I can teach you how to get your time, your stuff, and your home under control. 

Jean Hayes

Jean Hayes

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