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In Home Assessment

Cost: $45 per hour 

After we have had the phone consultation, we will schedule an on site assessment.  Since this will be my first time on site, a walk through of your home would be very helpful.  This gives me a chance to see your systems in place, and we can discuss what is working and what is not. We will also address your goals and prioritize the overall project that we discussed on the phone.  This is a critical part of the process.  It will help you zero in on your top priority and with the overall feeling that you want to achieve.  We can then begin the organizing process in the area we've decided on together.  The initial discussion and walk through can take 30-60 minutes.  The rest of the time will be spent hands on.  I will also provide you with a supply list, and I will bring along a few items as well.  I suggest we start with 3-4 hours but of course we can do more. 

This is your project, and I am here to help make it as comfortable as possible. 

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