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Full disclosure: Jean is my sister in law and has been helping me with my organizing and home projects for years.  I truly don't know what I would do without her.  She is a magician.  With unimaginable energy, she takes complicated and overwhelming spaces large and small (from a kitchen drawer to a house our family lived in since 1971) and makes them clear, and efficient and lovely.  She is practical but has an eye for beauty and aesthetics.  She is respectful of the emotional content of 'stuff' and helps me decide what I really love and what is just keeping me messy and overwhelmed.  She is tireless and enthusiastic and always keeps me going when I want to quit.  The hours she has spent helping me with my life and my home have given me so much freedom and lightness.  She is truly gifted and will change your home, your energy and your life.

                                                                                                          -Deb S.

Jean came to my office to help us reorganize, both for cleaning things up, but also for a new layout in my lofty office space. She did an amazing job categorizing all the different needs to have a working studio space, as well as an office space. What I didn't expect, was that what I learned during the process was priceless. The tips and tricks Jean taught me along the way have helped in my continued daily organizing. As our team continues to grow, and our space needs become more condensed, we were set up with a solid foundation to do so with the work and organizing skill of Jean! I would highly recommend her for your home or office. Just when the clutter has become too much to handle, Jean can come in and get you back on track! 

                                                                                                          -Dana D.

Jean changed our life! I hired her to help re-arrange our living room and declutter our kitchen. Several hours later, we had embarked on a project that involved re-thinking how we use each room of our house. I thought I was a fairly organized person, but Jean came and had so many clever ideas and suggestions about how to organize closets, kitchen cabinets, and desk drawers. I was so impressed with her concepts for changing our space. Not only does she ”roll up her sleeves” and help with the dirty work (emptying cabinets, wiping down bathroom shelves, cleaning under the kitchen sink, and hauling trash to the curb), she also has a flare for decorating and decluttering. I LOVE opening my kitchen cabinets now and seeing how much room there is! I have raved about her to friends, and I plan to have her back again soon to focus on organizing the teenagers' bedrooms! She could also double as an interior designer as her taste in furniture and the ability to take furniture you have already and put it to different use, is remarkable. She is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge and lots of energy! I highly recommend her!

                                                                                                           -Christina B.

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